Now I try to answer all questions that are asked by viewers. This one by far is the most interesting but also controversial. I hope everyone can join the conversation and add some insight to what is about to be asked. The question asked to Thickly Tat’d WHAT’S HOT CHRONICLES IS:
“I have another question that I think a lot of us struggle with. If you’re a Christian, how do you handle one of the biggest controversies, supporting your lesbian and/or gay friends and family members while following God’s law. Let’s be honest. It’s okay to “crucify” liars, drunkards, fornicators, adulterers, murders, and people with other “ungodly” struggles, but people who express their feelings about the LGBT as it relates to religion are verbally stoned. Any thoughts?”

My honest opinion which I provided was that I love people for who they are, I have gay friends that i adore out of this world no matter what my religion. It is not my place to judge them or crucify them. They are people too and you just let people be who they are. At the end of the day, on judgment day THEY DO NOT STAND IN FRONT OF YOU TO BE JUDGED, THEY STAND IN FRONT OF HIM..

But that is just my opinion!
Join the conversation and add your opinions, its ok to have a voice and to feel however you feel.
If you want to be kept anonymous then send your comments to and I will post.
Thank you for the continuing support
Thickly Yours
Tamika Mys’Tique


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