Selfish……..Kim Kardashian? Literally

Well, I think i have seen about all of it now. Kim Kardashian images (1) (not surprising) is about to release a 352 page book of selfies. Yes ya’ll selfies. She has taken photo after photo in order to produce this picture book. download (1)  

           The way i see it, its a HOW TO TAKE A SELFIE FOR DUMMIES. You can learn how to take a selfie, and all the different poses you can produce…..;LIKE REALLY? Now i normally dont knock anyone’s hustle when they’re trying to make it but its not like she’s broke. The asking price for this book is $19.95 hmmmmmm REALLY.

      I need to know what you all think of this discovery. WOULD YOU PURCHASE IT? DO YOU THINK ITS A GOOD INVESTMENT? WAS IT A SMART MONEY MOVE? Let us know your thoughts on KIM KARDASHIAN and her picture book.

Thickly Yours,

Tamika Mys’Tique


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