Ray Rice Suspended for good…… NFL, Baltimore Ravens

rrr In news Ray Rice has been suspended from the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens due to the incident were he violently punched his girlfriend Janay, now wife in the facerr. A video surfaced from TMZ showing Mr. Rice caught in this act. Now thickly Tat’d in no way or form condones Domestic Violence at all. A friend though voiced his opinion in conversation about the couple where he didn’t think it was right that Mr. Rice was punished twice. He was suspended for 2 games after the incident and then was allowed to play and then once the video previewed they suspended him from  the NFL indefinitely. I myself honestly think it was an appropriate punishment, we have to pay for our actions but what do you all think? Do you think it was right for him to be suspended from the NFL permanently? Lets us know your thoughts on this because we would love to hear all points of view. 

Leave comments below or on our social media sites. Thickly Tat’d


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