Aaliyah Movie….Wendy Williams Shaming Family, Friends & Fans


Now I wasn’t going to watch the Aaliyah Story, but of course curiosity killed the cat especially with 3.2 Million Viewers. I tuned in this past weekend and man oh man! First I can’t believe it was done without the families blessing, which is cruel to me. Second the casting was horrible and so off it wasn’t even funny. Now we know with movies like this you won’t have characters who look exactly like the person unless you have them playing themselves, but this was way way off especially Missy Elliot character, and Damon Dash. aa

The role of Aaliyah was played by Alexandra Shipp was a little off as well, especially not wearing her hair across her eye like Aaliyah. aaa

This was an all-out FAIL, the internet BROKE with all the criticism from fans and celebrities. (From MTV Site ) “This is why people should never remake movies,” Timbaland says in one Instagram video. “Bulls$&t happens. Now you have to deal with the consequences.”

From Fans:

“Smh! They casted this entire movie with their eyes closed”

“Please Google Aaliyah’s song titles before posting. Thanks from a real fan. RT@lifetimetv RT if you love “Let Me Know”! #AaliyahMovie

“It’s “At Your Best” you idiot “@WendyWilliams: “Let Me Know” is my favorite Aaliyah song! What’s yours? #AaliyahMovie””

It goes on and on with the criticism over this movie. Let us know your thoughts about the Aaliyah Movie.

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