Akon to Release 5 Albums in 5 Different Genres in 2015

This is what im talking about!! I love me some Akon,

Black America Web

Just when you began to ask yourself whatever happened to Akon, he’s back.

The singer has announced plans for a multi-genre project, entitled “Stadium,” which will be comprised of five albums, each in a different style – pop, Euro, Island, World and Urban – released over the course of the next 12 months.

He tweeted: ”Thru out this long wait, there has been fans who stuck with me. This Album is for you! 5 Albums 5 genres equaling STADIUM.”

Akon – who hasn’t released an album since 2008’s “Freedom” – has shared a track from each album on his official website.

The single “To Each His Own” will be included on the pop-themed album, “Bounce” featuring Niko the Kid will feature on his Euro album, “Just a Man” featuring Damian Marley will appear on his island album, the world album’s first track is called “Feeling a Nikka” featuring D’Banje…

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