The Wait Is Over! Mayweather vs Pacquiao


After five long years of talking about who’s the best pound for pound fighter in the world the table is finally set for May 2nd for what some call “The Greatest Fight of All Time” Mayweather vs Pacquiao. A disagreement between the two boxers’ camps on terms for the fight prevented this fight from happening for five years now, but the wait is over. On Saturday may 2nd we will truly get to see these two warriors go toe to toe to see who’s the best of the best. The fight will be held in Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and Title(s) on the line will be the Unified WBA (Super), WBC, WBO, and The Ring welterweight belts. Mayweather weighs in at 147 lb (67 kg) 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) &has a record of 47–0 (26 KO).

While Pacquiao is also 147 lb (67 kg) but is only 5 ft 6.5 in (1.69 m) & record is 57–5–2 (38 KO).The two sides to make this happen had to iron out a few things like the purse split, drug testing issues, plus most important location of the bout. But On February 20, 2015, Mayweather confirmed that is was going down and the ink was dry on the contract that was agreed upon to make this happen. Mayweather will be on the plus end of a 60-40 money split in a fight that could gross up to $400 million. TMT is estimated to make anywhere from 180 million-240 million on this fight.  His name will be first on the fight bill. He will walk to the ring second and be introduced second. Mayweather will also have his choice of ring corner and locker room in the arena. Who do you think will win? Leave comments and tell us why you think your fighter will be victorious and be name “The Best Pound for Pound”.


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