A letter to the Male Ego, male ego When God blesses you, he blesses you with abundance, but one blessing I am truly grateful for is to be born a BLACK woman.  Throughout the centuries the black woman has been mistreated and mocked of her beauty. Setting us up on display for the Europeans to mimic our bodies with silhouettes and calling it “fashion;” only to then move on and become the white man’s slave of beatings and torture. Still, through the eras, we grow to love and cherish ourselves. We are taught from young to embrace and love the black man. The ideal Black Man is supposed to protect and provide for himself and his family; and as his woman we are to encourage him to prosper. We as woman stretch, contour, and work our bodies to perfect them to your liking. We lose ourselves in the changes we make for you, and still it seems you aren’t appreciative of what you have. While most of us find out the hard way that what we did was for nothing, not realizing the trials we faced, are only making us stronger for the future. From gaining and losing weight, childbirth, and life changes our bodies are constantly being molded. With each change, we learn to love a little bit more of who we are.  We place our black men on thrones of beings Kings, yet you treat us like rocks instead of the gems we are. More precious than diamonds and gold, we have a power and love that no man can resist or recreate. We Black Women have more than a body to lust over, the depths of our minds flow deeper than our history. male ego1 We stand together as a hope of our future. Mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts; we are black women. Generations of grace and beauty flourish through our veins to protect and take care of those places upon us.  The disrespect we receive, versus the appreciation we deserve holds some woman back from realizing their true potential. Men, understand the amount of pressure we are put under to protect you because you have lost value of yourself. Greater than what we set our minds to be as people, we as one can bring together a nation. Your pride is your drive; ambitions fuel your soul, stand up and appreciate what God has made you, a Black Man. With Love from a Black Woman, Mani Hendrixx


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