Mani Hendrixx Featured Artist: Josef Bailey

Feature Artist: Josef Bailey


New Orleans has all sorts of talent flowing through its streets. Music, art, dance and more this city is known for its thriving culture and ability to capture the world’s attention.  Without further introduction, allow me to introduce to you, Josef Bailey. Tattooing since 2009, he has found a plethora of ways to use his skills. “Creating art is more than just a job and career; it’s a passion that keeps growing.”


From a young age, Joe picked up drawing from watching his mother and soon followed after. Throughout his teens he took art classes developing more of his skills. Like every artist, they get inspiration from somewhere, “My mom & my friend Chris are my two biggest influences and motivators. Moms always support everything I do.”  “Motivation comes from trying new things,” he explained. “I could always count on them to push me forward.”  For a short while he lost his motivation as an artist but regained confidence in himself after drawing a portrait of rapper Lil Wayne. Every artist remembers their first few tats; you know the ones you would completely do over if you saw again? A picture of one of his first pieces reached the internet and was scowled by many. We all know how the media tries to tarnish someone’s image, so it’s no surprise the backlash he received. “It only made me want to go harder,” he said “That one tattoo doesn’t define me as a bad artist, I was just starting, I had to get better.”


In the heart of Uptown New Orleans, We Bleed Ink dedicates it services to not only those who want tattoos, but the community.  Before finding a home at We Bleed Ink, Joe worked from home and two other shops.  “We’re a family here; we have great vibes and respect each other.”  A busy scene daily as all walks of life pass through the shop, music playing to keep the vibes flowing and contestant laughter is what you’ll experience while there.  Art can take you anywhere and that’s where he plans to go, “I want to spread my art, if I keep trying new things who knows where it’ll take me.”  Joe and the rest of the crew have visions of more than just tattoos “art can take over the world.”

To see more art from Joe follow him on Instagram: @Art_Ave and @AveTATS



One thought on “Mani Hendrixx Featured Artist: Josef Bailey”

  1. Congratulations This is a beautiful peace of art Joe continually to reach for the stars and remember you can do all things thur Christ that strengthens you keep Christ first in everything you do I always wanted to get a tattoo but never did now im giving it a second thought now that I’ve seen your work of art

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