Mani Hendrixx: Mr. Wrong or Mr. Not Right Now


Who’s to Blame?

I hate to use Mr. Wrong as a title because it’s such a cliché, but hear me out. When you hear Mr. Wrong you automatically go back to the one that broke your heart, dragged you through the drama and I mean the WORKS! We never felt they could do any wrong as far as love was concerned.  Young or mature, we’ve all experienced some type of heartache. It becomes a little easier to bare as we get older, but the “detachment” part becomes longer.  Conversations with your friends, crying at 3 am repeating the same speech about how ‘I’m done,” yes Honey, we have ALL been there. But what made it all go wrong?
Mr. Wrong has a lot of hyphens after his name: Mr. Wrong-Time, Mr. Wrong-Love, and Mr. Wrong- Period! We could’ve possibly met our lifetime love at the wrong time; or we could’ve ignored him for a long time. Who’s to say the man is to have all the blame? Women become so delicate once their emotions are exposed and believe me, we can say some of the most hurt things. Too often we fall victim of forgiveness; which in most cases doesn’t turn out to be the best. It hurts, yes, but we knew better. Mr. Wrong will continue to be wrong because he’s not what God has planned for you. Ladies we have to stop beating ourselves up on love.

The tongue, mind, and heart are powerful vesicles and you have the get them all on the same page just to push forward. Mr. Wrong may have hurt you, but he didn’t break you all the way. There are so many possibilities your life could twist and turn. Why waste time on someone who doesn’t see your worth?   We have so much more power then we realize dealing with men. Our hearts weaken as we bond souls giving in to the idea of love. Mr. Wrong only took what we gave him, but was he wrong to take or we were wrong to give?
“You must know what you want, to find what you want.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita


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