Mani Hendrixx: THE NEW OLD SCHOOL ( message)

new gen

I’m only 22 years old & I already see myself acting more & more like my mother as I get older, from cleaning up the house listening to artist like Mary J. Blige & Erykah Badu, all the way up to today’s music. My generation is “New Classic.” We can step onto any scene fit for the occasion & act accordingly. I can go to the bar & two step with my grandma, and then go right down the street to the reggae club. See we’re at that age where we know what we want & some of us have it, some don’t, but we’re still pressing. The mixed age where we’re supposed to be working & getting our lives together, but still trying to find ourselves & have lives.

The one thing you, as parents, shouldn’t worry about is that you’ve instilled the Word of God in us. We are grateful for the blessings & opportunities and places in our lives; although we take other roads to make it where ever we land, we always say “Thank You.” We’re like the last of the Mohicans! We were taught manners, to respect our elders, & be kind to others. These kids now are more disrespectful than ever! They are doing everything on their own will to exploit their ignorance. I cannot go a day without shaking my head at the youth. I have friends with kids, young boys & girls who aren’t even old enough to even begin to know the hardships of life. We are raising & training kids in the ways you taught us; some of you don’t make it easy for us by trying to define our accomplishments.

new gen 2

We live in a world where graduating from a four year university isn’t the only way you can “make it.” People my age are running full businesses, following their dreams, and being in love with who they are. In this age, all we want is to be ourselves & make you proud. I know it’s hard to accept some of our lifestyles, but it’s OUR lives. It’s like we have to live two lives to keep you happy & us as well. It’s hard. Really hard! Drifting off the planned path isn’t a bad thing. We will always find a way to do it on our own. Don’t worry about us! I know many of us are dealing with the same things: we’re grown & growing. Allow us to grow as the men & women you trained us to be.

ew gen 1


One thought on “Mani Hendrixx: THE NEW OLD SCHOOL ( message)”

  1. I’m so proud that you are doing your thang. Keep dreaming soaring speaking truths inspiring and knowing without a doubt keep 👼🏽God in the center👏🏾👏🏿👏🏽👏🏼👏🏻👏Bravo to the next Generation Y🎈

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