LOVE IS LOVE: Supreme Court In Favor of Gay Marriage


Love who you are and choose to be. As teens and adults its a struggle to pick sides on whether or not certain circumstances are even worth choosing sides. America, we applaud you for the changes you’ve made and recognizing the LGBT community.   Here in New Orleans there is a strong gay community.“I believe that marriage isn’t, between a man & woman but between love and love,” those are the words of Frank Ocean “We All Try.” Men and women have the right to love freely and choose who they want to be with. Love is a gift, who are we to tell people who to love. And on this day, Friday, June 26, 2015, same-sex marriages are legal NATION WIDE!

Love is bonded through the union of marriage and blessed with God’s favor. It is a bond that cannot be broken. Countries such as South Africa, Sweden, Belgium, Canada, Norway, Spain and Portugal and others have approved same sex marriage. Here in the United States, only seventeen states granted same sex marriage, until today. Love doesn’t have a gender nor a face. It is hard for society to accept this mindset because people are still closed minded. Humans cannot help who they fall in love with because love has no limit. Everyone has the right to be with who they want. Woman and woman, man and man, love is love and as humans, we all enjoy the company of our loved ones. Celebrities are the big activist for supporting the gay community.
There shouldn’t be  hate but still there is. Americans needs to wake up and feel the change around them. Love has no boundaries, no limits, and has a way of completely taking over the mind and heart. If America is the land of the free then we should have all the same rights! The gay community appreciates all the love and support from any and everybody. From celebrities, politicians, and the average man,  the support travels a long way. All it takes is one voice to make a difference in order to change the world.



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