gdCan everybody answer one question: why is social media so important?  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so many more social networks are made to share our daily lives and making connections.  At what point did it become Dr. Phil and everybody is a damn expert on relationships? Can I see some degrees please, I’m just saying! With opinions constantly flying around, it’s so much easier for people to speak their mind on your situation. Let me point out my top problems with social media and relationships:

  • To be or not to be seen?                                                       gddd

Whether you have someone or not it’s really not anybody’s business; over the course of time we all have a fair share of “ex’s.” No I’m not saying mess with your friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend, but know that eventually, whose ex you are doesn’t matter.  Ladies: know when you’re being kept a secret and when he just doesn’t want people in his business. We tend to over share at times. Who you are dealing with in your GROWN life is your choice, but constant updates on how many times you switch up? Trust me, nobody cares.

  • “I just love you guys together!”

Are you fighting for your relationship because you really love that person, or because everybody wants to see y’all together? When people are used to seeing you with that one person, any time you try to move on, they’ll be constantly compared to the ex. This could be a good or bad thing, but don’t feel compelled to step back into that old flame because it’s what everybody likes.

  • Entertaining “them”

                    – Male or female, we’re all guilty of entertaining someone. A crush, ex boo, just a loyal follower, whatever, we’ve gone the extra mile to let it be known we see you. When you’re single it’s all fun & games, but in a relationship, know when to draw the line. As females, we know that there is always someone after you & men don’t always have the willpower to ignore it. We can’t control what someone says in your comments or sends to your direct messages.


  • Relationship Goals                                                      gdd

             – Who came up with this? No seriously!? How & why should I compete and compare my love life with someone else’s? Goals are PERSONAL accomplishments, not a life comparison. If Jerome & Ashley bought a house & had a baby doesn’t mean you & your partner need too as well. You don’t know what they went through to get there. The only goal you should have in a relationship is staying together, however you see fit. Focus on your own strive with your partner and it’ll come.

My generation is so complicated;  trying to outdo each other at every chance we get. Everyone is ready for love & commitment, but nobody wants to work for it. The “heartless” movement is slowly dying and we’re still dealing with the trust issues. Love will become easier to gain when people stop caring about their loses.


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