Men Vs. Their Insecurities


Every man has dealt with insecurities. Period! For those who claim you haven’t, in my eyes, are liars. A man, from childhood, is taught to be a man. Now what does that mean, to be a man? Men are supposed to be the strong, non-emotional, self-driven creatures that can hold the weight of the world on their shoulders.  When I see a man, the first thing I’m attracted to is his stature; how he carries himself shows a confidence that others may lack. As a woman there are PLENTY of days I don’t feel like myself. I feel bloated, I may not like what I have on, whatever it is, and we all have those days. Do men have days like that as well, the answer, HELL YEA!

Men have off days just as we do, and there is nothing wrong with that. A quick trip to the gym or a few pushups might settle that ease for most men but what about the ones who don’t? Guys are taught to “suck it up” and deal with your problems as a man would, as if non-existent. A daily battle some men fight leaving them to feel like less of a man. Again “feeling manly” comes to question and confidence drains leaving some men to sulk in the guilt of not being manly.   In my personal opinion, men who don’t have the confidence or assurance in themselves, or those lacking personality surround themselves with worldly possessions to make them feel better about life. Not to say a man can’t have nice things, just the ones overcompensating for the lack of manhood. When men express themselves emotionally, it’s taken as a sign of weakness, and it shouldn’t because just like women, we are both human and are born with emotions.


The one problem I have with insecure men is their obsession with women and their weight. Men like this are usually pressed for perfect or the “trophy wife” in example, Kanye West. Take a look back at his high profile relationships: woman of a certain status, body build, fans all that. Basically a woman who you can flaunt, “Yes woman” who don’t mind a man who “leads” them.  Now, I can’t place all the blame on men because there are woman out there who pressure men to feel the need to have all these things to define him as a man.  In that sense you, as man, feel the need to step yourself up in order to provide the lifestyle you want for your spouse and not being able to provide strikes. How I was raised, you are not allowed to make a man feel any less of himself because of his status, income, whatever! He is still the man.

Society has taken the role of a man as the head of the house and flipped it! Women are able to take on being the bread winners of the household, but that doesn’t mean you diminish your king in his castle. Some women take this as a chance to cheapen a man’s ego and devalue their accomplishments. In every way and form this is WRONG! I was raised old school, and when a man is feeling less of himself, you, as his support, are to pick up the pieces and assure him of his place in life’s path no matter how tough.  No man should feel less of himself because he’s having a bad day. You were born a King so rule your kingdom.



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