DNA Ink: Andrew Barrath

                                                     ANDREW BARRATH


Andrew Barrath is a Tattoo Artist  from DNA Ink. A 29 years old who was born in Trinidad and Tobago and moved to New York at the age of 19.

Andrew has always been fascinated with tattoos and art. He received his first tattoo at 15 and hasn’t stopped since. For 4 years now he has been a professional in this tattoo world.  Andrew and those around him consider him to be a well rounded artist with his favorite and expertise being realism and bio mechanical of tattoos and lets not forgot portraits.

As a tattoo artist Andrew takes part in conventions and tattoo events all through out the country.

Check out some of his work here on Thicklytatd.com

Interested in making an appointment or seeing his portfolio? The best way to accomplish that is to hit him up by email or instagram

dna_ink@hotmail.com or  dna_ink

dna3                                    dna5               dna8                     dna5.


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