Mani Hendrixx: A Blissful Night


He had a weakness for flesh… Not once did he search the character of their soul, but the contents of their skin. She. Now she was a character. Protagonist in most situations where she is the attention. Because she is. Every room she approached her presence was felt & all eyes was on her. But He…he was she’s kryptonite. His sly smile & her mysterious grin, their eyes danced around each other as they peaked for their chance to speak. She was hooked. He was captivated. The room watched as they fell into a trance upon each other. He watched her hips sway to the music as she led him to the floor. He touched her.. He let his fingers trail across her skin feeling the goose bumps rise. She wanted him. His demeanor was quiet, but the way the crowd looked at him she knew He was it. Meek conversations while their bodies spoke lust she & he gave in. While stepping off into the private rooms he watched her. How her ass bounced as she walked. Her frame proportioned as if molded by God himself. She looked back as his eyes trailed down her backside & she grinned bc she knew. She knew she had him. Tender kisses placed down her neck pushing closely upon her. She felt him growing. Turning around their eyes met & they knew. Passionate kisses between the two, dancing tongues & roaming hands as their bodies tangled on the sheets. He kissed her breast down to her thighs leaving a trail of heat pouring through her skin. His tongue marked her insides while she burst w/ compassion. She needed him. Inside of her He felt her clench. With his every thrust & her every moan he felt her. He felt her giving her all to him; releasing with every stroke of his penis she gasp for air knowing what had happened. His long strokes made her weak & her walls taking him in made him weaker. She was done & He held her, awaiting a moment to leave their haven & step into reality. She not even knowing his name but she knew she needed him. As she slept he watched her once more, knowing he’ll never see her again. He left her in her dreams of romance to return to his castle. She was left bare as her soul on that bed. Awaken to her shattered dreams & a growing seed…she…she had met her kryptonite.

kryp 2


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