There is so much wrong with America today I have no idea where to begin..

As a young, African American woman, I haven’t lived long enough to see past history happen but it seems like my textbooks are coming to life. The year is 2015 and of all the things people manage to accomplish they still can’t register in their mind that #BlackLivesMatter. Everyday there’s a new hash tag of multiple black men & women slain in cold blood and are unarmed. Police have taken no regards to media or cameras and allow it to be known that they can kill and get away with it. It truly saddens me to write on this subject because there is an ample amount of examples I can choose from.


Recently, Tyshawn Michael Lee, 9 years old, was murdered execution style while on his way home from school. The media had played a big roll in this case, focusing on every other aspect instead of one, finding the murderer. I don’t care what the parents have done, his mother and the money or father in a gang HE WAS NINE! Wake up and see that the media will twist a story to push a certain view on the avid listeners. “His father was in a gang,” okay? Now what does that solve? People are more focused on the superfluous information given then the fact that a nine year old baby has been taken away from his mother. Where is the sympathy? Another recent case involving a young black female student and school officer over a cell phone; I hear so many negative things about this case. As a parent, you should be outraged; as a person, you should be appalled. I DO NOT care what happened before the incident, we all saw what needed to be seen and that was the brutal force of a grown man handling a child. No man should ever handle a female in such a manner as if she were a rag doll. Why weren’t steps taken to call an administrator or social worker to see what the problemwas? The media will report the opinion of others saying students are unruly and unmanageable because they have given up on the youth.

People will constantly preach “Go to school and get an education,” but why when my life & respect as a person could be taken away from me at any moment. There is no faith in black youth or black people in America. Racial tension is at an all time high here in the states and the African American community is the clear target. At University of Missouri, recently a group of students named #ConcernedStudent1950 gained attention after protesting for months about black student’s health and safety among the campus. Previous university president, Tim Wolfe, stepped down this Monday as a demand of the students. For those of you who don’t know, this protest has been ongoing on since September and is now gaining national coverage why? Not because students have over 10,000 tweets concerning their safety, not because faculty have walked out on classes, not because students were commencing a hunger strike; it was because 30 young black men took a stand and hit them where it hurts, their pockets. Athletics are an essential part of funding to public universities, and if enough players won’t play, guess who won’t get a check. Media coverage flew from near and far to record the last speaking of Tin Wolfe, but where are they now?! There has been threats made towards every student on campus, the KKK has made it known that they are on a blood hunt. Where is the coverage now?   Only1

So again, ask me how do I feel being young and black in America? I feel used, mocked, unprotected, and blamed. Black people are not here for your entertainment. Black people are more then how we are portrayed on television. There is no sympathy for being black in America and we fight against it everyday. #BlackLivesMatter was created to show the world that we are not your punching bags or gun range targets. We are a people making a stand that we need to be valued; where is our safe haven? Our men are slain unprotected, our women are raped and murdered, and our children can’t even feel safe in schools. No, this isn’t the 1950’s this is 2015 and nothing has changed. My people, my beautiful black people are learning to love themselves more each day. We are embracing our heritage and still trying to evolve the ones that haven’t.  To Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Sandra Bland, Freddy Grey and so many more, we have not forgotten about you. We will fight against brutality and racism until Americans see that we are tired of being the targets.


If I die in police custody, I did not commit suicide,

Mani Hendrixx


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