Lira Galore’s life after Rick Ross

rr1Lira Galore and Rick Ross’s newly known breakup will not stop her from getting recognition. The 22 year old model is only known for just that, MODELING and some form of dance ;). But she does not really have a set career. This past weekend in Atlanta she met up with Jacob York, Karrueche’s manager, to see how far she can go without Mr. Rozay! York helped Karrueche establish a name for herself after her breakup with singer, Chris Brown. Karrueche has since then landed movie roles, modeling jobs, and a great deal of interviews.


Lira Galore is not an ugly woman, and it does not seem hard for her to remain relevant. She went to York in hopes to receive the proper career guidance. Galore wants to make the great transition from being in her ex boo’s shadow to a movie star! It is still unclear as to why the two have split. Ross removed all photographs of Lira from is Instagram and seems to have washed his hands with the situation. Lira Galore on the other hand still has their pictures up. Will they get back together? Or is Lira just in denial? Either way the two are not together anymore and from the looks of it will not be anytime soon.

Author: Devonta


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