Levels of Love: Bring Family Back


What is your definition of love? Webster’s defines it as “a feeling of strong or constant regard for and dedication to someone”. I’ve come to realize the meaning of love has changed over time to most people. I’ve also realized that love is just something people don’t necessarily believe in anymore. True love, honesty, respect, loyalty and most of all marriage are not a part of the foundation of humanity in the past years. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “It’s just not worth it”, “It’s too much” or my new favorite “It is what it is”. What does that mean exactly? What kind of nonsense is this? I grew up in a time where relationships were important for positive progress.


A time where family, and marriage were the backbone to society. The lacking of this important element is causing a rise in single parent homes. For example, fatherless/ motherless sons & daughters. Do u know that scientists have proven that a fatherless son’s brain structure can be permanently altered to become more aggressive and hostile? A motherless son leaves her son hostile toward women because there is lack of trust toward the female sex. Research has also proven that a home with no father figure effects the daughter more than the sons. Because of this little girls start looking for love and acceptance in the men they meet during their lifetime resulting in acts of premature sexual activities. Other downfalls to single parent households are something scientist call “role reversal syndrome”. This is where the parent that’s missing causes the child of the opposite sex to find it very difficult to depend on the man/ women in their life or become too dependent. In this case they become the thing that’s missing in order to cope. The modern twist that has been put on love has crippled us as a people and has sent a message to our children that commitment and a strong foundation isn’t important. So cases in point, let’s show our future to love themselves so others may love them the right way. So now the cycle of destructive behavior can be broken.



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