are his

Fighting tears
As everyone cheers
For her new edition
Her fishing for compliments
And sentiments of love and
Someone to care
Its not me
Sorry…..I’ve been fighting for to long
And trying to prove them wrong
Saying look I can do it too
Was it the truth?
I don’t know, as I yell and plea
For the heavens to give me a chance
To dance the dance of happiness and joy
For a boy or a little princess
Angels born in incest? Yea I’ve seen it happen over and over and over
Her ovar…ies  must be blessed
But mine are tainted and freshly painted with a sign saying “No Eggs Here”
The fear of never knowing
If my turn awaits sits in the pits of pits
Stomach doing flips but
Not the kind I want nor desire
A higher power knows more
And has poured in me understanding, patience and stillness
I receive this
I really have no choice in the matter
Yet and still the splatter of words of pain caused to my babies
Well not mine but the babies of the world…by a girl
Who God thought was a better fit then me
Oh please
I scream and demand a response
But there isn’t one
Just a quiet wind with calm and assurance
That the purest of moments shall be mine soon….

One Day



2 thoughts on “ARE HIS EYES BLIND TO ME?”

  1. God has blessed you to speak volume with your writing. You have blessed me and I am proud of you even more than I ever thought possible. Proudmom#don’teverdoubtthepowerofGod

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