Almost There……..



Do you know what’s the hardest part about living your life; caring about what other people think. Nowadays, people are constantly looking for validation and acceptance from other people to approve their happiness. Its ridiculous if you ask me. Whether it be your career, relationship or school do not let the opinion of others affect the path you choose to take in life.

I have been through enough(in my young life) to know that no matter what other people may say, you have to live your life FOR YOU! It all begins with mindset: to live positive is to think positive. If you’re constantly complaining about something you are able to change, it’s not the problem you are. You are the problem because you aren’t acting upon the opportunity to change. In order to prosper we must change ourselves because remaining the same will do nothing for us to grow into better. I’ve been preaching change for the last couple of weeks because what you’ve been praying for, it’s definitely coming.

When God gives his word; it is final. No matter what we seem to be facing, knowing that better is coming makes it so much more worth fighting for. Okay yes my reference is childish but I’m a  90’s baby and we all still watch Disney movies like its new. We’ve all seen The Princess & The Frog right, Tiana’s theme song for the movie is “I’m Almost There.” Every time you get a little closer to what you want something crazy happens & blows you completely off course. Tiana faced constant changes throughout the movie, but held on to her dreams no matter what she faced, taking on new routes & situation but never lost sight. Some of y’all might think I’m reaching, but here me out. “I’m almost there,” just take a second & apply that to your situation. Look at how close you are to achieving your goals; when there’s a will there will always be a way. Hold on to your faith that struggle won’t last forever and look to the light. No matter the path you choose to take, no matter what other people think: keep living to achieve your dreams.


Mani Hendrixx


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