There is an issue that is going on in our society but more in the last decade that needs to be addressed. The issue I’m referring to is SELF LOVE amongst women. From the reality shows down to the women we run across in our everyday lives. This is a sickening sight to see from what used to be the symbol of strength. The young women of today have no desire to be the best because they have very little authentic influences. There is this trend of now looking for it in men, makeup and money. Now don’t get me wrong each plays a role in our world as women period, but it has never been what makes us as individuals. As far as relationships are concerned lack of self-love can definitely add stress.


The biggest obstacle involving the intimacy you desire with the special person in your life is a part or parts of yourself you do not love. These are hidden parts you have never fully accepted, perhaps pieces of you that were disowned, rejected or shamed by a parent when you were a small, or things you feared would cause conflict or anger. But today is a new day and women are not only strong, but there is also an incredible amount of ways with which they can manifest this strength into something beautiful and life changing. At one time woman used to be able to walk in a room and command attention without saying one word, and we can get there once again. My heart hurts for my fellow females. Our future depends on you and your ability to see you have everything you need to be your best within you. You are strong! You are great! You are the heartbeat of the world! Don’t let us die.



4 thoughts on “A MESSAGE TO OUR WOMEN”

  1. I love this article it is most needed with the way the next generation is learning about what a woman should look like or even be. I can relate to this because until I met my fiance, I never had a person tell me how beautiful every part of my body was. I knew I was beautiful before I was bullied in middle and some of high school. But after hearing so many harsh words about myself I started to believe those harsh unflattering words. The first thing my mom would say is, oh you gaining weight, everytime I saw her so I would avoid seeing her. It drains us as woman to here the same unkind words every day. It will but it is up to us to find that love and respect with in ourselves. Thanks writing this, it is a must read for all woman!

    1. Thank you for your words. I too was bullied in middle school and beginning of high school so i can definitely relate. I’m so happy that you found the article useful and that you found a person that uplifts your spirits. Loving yourself is the most important thing you can do for yourself. ~Thickly Tat’d~

  2. Great article, and thank you. Women Empowering one another is a lost art. The stereotypical stigmas women face and have faced for some time is damaging to the core UNLESS a woman recognizes and learns to love and respect herself. We need to realize, we were all born here with nothing but the skin of a shell and the love meant to be given and received. Things and not even a person, should in the way of loving yourself, flaws and all. CHEERS TO WOMEN EMPOWERMENT LADIES!! Peace and more blessings

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