Drake Back to Back: Grammy??

drakeAccording to news sources Drakes Meek Mill diss track back to back is set to receive a Grammy nomination, say it isn’t so. This will be the first ever diss track to be nominated.

I know we remember back a few months ago when the 2 started battling it out. Drake dropped back to back in July as the second diss track towards Meek and everyone’s mouth dropped. The song instantly became a hit. What made it even worse, Meek didn’t have a strong response to the diss at all. It was a sad moment in Hip Hop history if you ask me.


Grammy introduced their nomination list and Back to back is listed for ” Best Rap Performance”….. Say what???

With the amount of diss tracks that are out, like the Nas and Jay Z beef, or Tupac & Biggie. What do you think it was about Drake & Meek that has Grammy so interested? Mind you this is something they usually stay away from.

Supposedly drake didn’t want back to back to be submitted but Hotline bling. Not sure why the label did that but whats done is done.

How do you think this is going to go down if both meek and drake attend the Grammy award ceremony and if Back to Back actually wins?

I guess we will find out soon enough. Shout out to Drake for the nomination.

Let us know your thoughts on this nomination for Drake….

~Thickly Tat’d~



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