So your telling me
Because my thighs aren’t her size
I’m not pleasing enough
To change your mind
Cause my kind….don’t give a damn
Sorry to crush your logic
But in the closet you won’t keep me
Because my curves could save the world
With every mountain,valley and hill to climb
Its finally our time
I see your eyes
Glancing over
Looking over your shoulder
Cause your intrigued
Your date fatigued cause
She tryna be a size zero
Don’t be no hero
Or try to save me or
Wave me to the other side
I have no shame so why should you
If the shoe was on the other foot
This wouldn’t be a topic
The hotness of men have no measure
So you take pleasure in tearing us down
The sound of our cries fuels you
To never try to accept us and move on
But let’s move on to my favorite part
Our heart may ache but only for a minute cause
As soon as I spin it,dip it, flip and and sip it….





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