Is it me or has it been a shift in power as far as women taking charge in the house hold? Lets talk about it! Women are becoming more dominating and more determined in this day and age. There are more females in power, more women entrepreneurs and more female dominated homes. Some men can find that intimidating but surprisingly it’s found refreshing.

On the other hand there are some cases where this isn’t such a positive thing. Let’s explore them both. Let’s first talk about the women who bring home the bacon and love it. These days’ women are more likely to be the primary care givers in the family. Increasingly they are the primary bread winners too. Research has proven that houses with children under the age of 18 have a mother as the only provider. This hasn’t been in high #’s since the 60’s. Crazy right?  With women wanting to take their future and the future of their families in their hands, this kind of living was inevitable. Some men see it as a sign of strength in this and just resume the role of home maker. Though unconventional it’s seen more now than ever. The shift evolves the family dynamic tremendously. The public has been divided on the issue though. The imbalance has the potential to impact the sense of equality in relationships.

Now let’s turn the tables. In other cases men just aren’t as they we’re in the times before us. Hard work and family security just aren’t as important as they used to be. Men used to accept any kind of job and just work till they got better if it meant their families were taken care of. A non-working man adds tension to the foundation of the family. Is it that jobs aren’t as open and available as they used to be and the opportunities to advance have fallen by the way side?  Or is it that men just don’t try as hard as they used to? Where do u stand?



One thought on “MAN UP…….”

  1. I think most of them don’t try as hard as they use to because women have had to raise their families without that male role model in the house to show them what it really means to take care of the family from a male perspective. There are so many households without men as the primary provider. As women we nurture our boys to see what a good woman is & raise our girls to take care of themselves & not depend on the man. Sad but so true.

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