Marriage: Do You Lose Who You Are?


Marriage is said to be one of the most special and purest moments in a women’s life. But there is something to be said about how much of yourself you loose when becoming one with the love of your life. Lets explore this. When two individuals decide marriage is the next level in their relationship, they don’t truly  realize how much of their lives they give up. There will always be disagreements on who gives up more. But this is about the loss of IDENTITY in women. Women giving up there name in it’s self can be self debilitating. Now don’t get me wrong some women can do it without a thought but with others this topic is very sensitive. Woman go through their whole lives being identified as one person. So the topic of name changes when talking about marriage is definitely a hot button. No matter how successful,assertive or powerful a woman is; the moment they decide on a long term relationship different parts of them start to change or completely disappear all together. For example their social life, their alone time, spiritual practice and sometimes beliefs and values.

 In some instances women merge their lives so much with their mate to the point where their is no more of them if the relationship should end. The practice of keeping the maiden name had declined in the 80’s-90’s, But has risen surprisingly in recent times according to sources. Also recently there has been a trend of men taking their wives name. Can u believe that? I think that’s a bit extreme for the sake of independence. Or maybe I’m just old fashioned.   What do y’all think?

Leave your comments and let me know what you guys think.



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