Music & Me

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With the rhythm and rhymes
Fusing the rise
Of adrenaline and excitement
The enticement of notes and chords
Cuts deep like swords
Words they flow as rivers
Gives shivers
Through your core
Sore hearts feel pain
That no one else knows
Its a technique the soul seeks
For peace of mind
And find serenity
Infinity of words to buy time
“I’m fine” is what I tell me
But if you know me
You hear pain in my words
Torture in my verbs
I’ve burned the vision in my mind
Of sleepless nights ands tears
My fears coming to life in my day to day struggles
No statements rebuttals
Cause it’s true
If not for me
Then someone else
Music saved my life
Gave me love for self

Whats a song that brings you to a better place?


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