From The Gut

images-16 (1).jpg

So you say
“I’m being taught”
“Oh I deserved it”
I’m the reason we fought
The mess you fed
Me to make it right
In a split second
Our conversations turned to fights
Fist flying
Glasses souring
Curses from a distance
Tears pouring
No way this is normal
Contrary to what you say
Stay on my knees
Only solace when I pray
Why me lord?
My king
My world
Became the one thing….
I feared
Quiet corners
I can hear my heart
Sweet escapes to….
Gather my thoughts
There’s got to be better
I wasn’t promised this
A bitter taste of lies
With every kiss
But my fight
Is stronger
Then any blow that’s been thrown
So know my story
Has an ending
That surpasses all possible doubt
A pain meant for evil
Carries power that  makes the heavens SHOUT!!


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