Why is it that women can’t support one another?

Sisterhood: “A relationship between sisters”. Now in my mind whether we are blood or not, if I have respect for you and care for your well being your my sister. There is no hate or ill wishes towards you in any way. So why is it so hard for women to support and uplift each other? Either there is no support or false support. The ones that praise you in public and tear you down in private. Its enough room in this world for us all to flourish. You don’t have  to “steal off someone else’s plate” to make it. There is no need to bash one another because their level of success is greater than yours. Also why is it that when a woman is dressed nice or maybe has her hair done, she gets dirty looks? Jealousy?

2016-02-23-22-05-04--629200549 (1).jpg

How does anything she does affect your life unless u aren’t happy with yourself? Whats hers is hers and vice versa. Oh and don’t get me started on the natural girl/ relaxed girl and makeup / no make up debate. Where do u get off telling someone “natural is the way to go” or “I’m not representing my culture right” because I wear a weave or wig. Please! Just because someone decided to wear makeup for whatever reason they choose to is their business. How about we put our focus on bigger issues like battered women,homeless women,women business owners etc. We are why this world exist and we carry much power. Lets put it to good use instead of negative energy and tearing one another down.



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