Have you ever wondered if the people you surround your self with are for you? Some of us have had life long connections and base it solely on longevity instead of quality. You may not even know your doing it because you see it as LOYALTY! Loyalty, lets discuss that. Loyalty is a strong feeling of support. Support of your significant other, family and friends. The feeling that no matter what they have your back and best interest at heart. Now in your relationships,can you say you have that with no doubt in your mind? Mmmm pretty deep huh? If you can’t then you might have a case of a toxic relationship/friendship. Most people can’t recognize a toxic relationship because of a number of things. It could be longevity, thinking a little drama is normal or lastly denial. Now every relationship has it’s moments but don’t confuse it with toxicity. Here are some ways to figure out if you have a toxic relationship /friendship:
•Does the person depend on you for everything and could care less about what you need?
•Do you sometimes dread their presence?
•Is it always drama whenever your together?
•Does your relationship jump from great to horrible with no in between?
•When there is an issue, is it always your fault?
•Last but not least. CAN YOU TRUST THEM?
If your having any of these issues then a conversation needs to be had immediately. Speaking from personal experience communication is EVERYTHING! Now don’t jump ship yet. If you can have the conversation and see changes then there’s hope. But if your trying to communicate your needs and it’s not being received, then leave that toxic mess right there and NEVER LOOK BACK!





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