Love Of The Ink.


The nerves

The excitement

Its enticing stepping through that door

No more indecisiveness

Its now or never

Mixed thoughts

Of where to start

Small and cute

Maybe something to salute

My fellow man


To serious …maybe a series

Of symbols to tell a tale

Maybe the scales of justice

To show the fight against the swine

Ha…Yea maybe another time

I got it!

Now I lay back and feel the vibrations and sensations of permanent expression flowing through my blood line

Because there will come a time

Where you will have to explain the meaning of this decision

The precision of lines and shapes

Escapes the needles point and

At some point turns you into one of them

Who is them you ask?

The last of the pure ones they say

A bunch of he say she say

But what do you say?

What do you think?

Don’t let their closed mind

Hinder the creative mind

And shrivel and shrink

But that’s just my love for the ink

I think….

Art is what you make of it

A message for you to decode

And unload into the world

Not for their understanding

Or to be demanding

But  just to be recognized

And NEVER become extinct

Its just my love for the ink ✒


“If your going to be tat’d, you might as well be Thickly Tat’d”

~Big Tigger



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