Have you ever wanted to rewrite the rules for marriage? Who says what’s right for one person is right for another? I say to each his own. For example who says women have to stay home? Who says only men get to work? Different circumstances call for different things and I think whatever works for your home is just fine. There is no manual for marriage. So these rules that were made up but other people do not have to be followed by everyone.

First, who says that men and women can’t be friends? Where does it say anywhere that once you get married your only friend is your husband? No where. My point exactly. I feel as long as there’s no disrespect then there should be no issue. If you ask me I see it as a sign of immaturity. Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t going to work for everybody but that’s why you should be able to write your own rules. If this is a big issue for your partner maybe you should have a conversation because it could be a deep-rooted issue. If there something substantial there then of course you and your partner should definitely discuss it and make sure that you’re both comfortable with the situation.

Next who’s to say that men and women can’t both take care of the household? Where does it say that it’s a woman’s job? If we’re both in the house and we both contribute to the house then we can both take care of the house. Now of course if the older school method is something you’re okay with then of course that’s perfectly fine. This is simply for people who just are okay with it.

Finally who says that only men can romance their women? Why can’t women do the same for their men? Can’t women take their significant other out for a nice evening and even PAY? I believe that both partners should equally feel respected, loved and appreciated at all times not in any way one-sided. There’s so much more we could discuss but I won’t keep you. But if you have some other rules you would like to rewrite, LEAVE THEM DOWN BELOW.


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