Why do you think were so concerned with other people’s lives?  Why do people’s decisions irritated so much? Is it  jealousy or hate? Or is it a real concern?

There’s something going on in today’s world where we are so interested in other people’s lives. In our everyday lives and also people we dont even know. Whether it be about their job, their finances and especially their love lives. I know I’m not the only one guilty of this. You see something you don’t like or don’t understand and automatically assume that it’s wrong. Of course there’s right and wrong in the world, but people have to learn on their own and live their lives for them. We’re definitely all going to make mistakes, but  everyone will learn in their own time. We were all put on this Earth to go our own path. No one can tell you its  right or wrong. The journey is your own. The question i ask everyday is how do their actions effect you in any way?
These days there’s a sense of urgency to correct. A sense  to fix and make things right. Let me change that, its what we believe to be right. Believe it or not having different beliefs and our own mind makes us interesting. If we believed the same thing about everything all the time this world would be boring. This country was founded on different beliefs ,debates and different out look on things. The issue may come in when people try to push their beliefs on other people. Now that’s a different story. We’re all entitled to our own views on things. There’s nothing wrong with conversation but sometimes we’ll have to agree to disagree.



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