Make That Change, Words Of Encouragment


Change is scary, sometimes it can be downright debilitating .For some people it’s easy and comes naturally. Sometimes it’s as simple as a new hairstyle or as important as moving to a new town. Change is part of everyday life and yet some people find change challenging. If facing new situations fills you with dread, you can help yourself by learning how to embrace change. Think about it, change is inevitable.

No matter which stage your life is when change comes, do you regard change in your life as a threat or an opportunity? Do you look change in the eye and say I can conquer this? Sometimes grabbing life by the horns is the best way to overcome change. Don’t give yourself a chance to even doubt it just go for it! You don’t  ever want to look back on your life and think “have I done everything I can to make my life all I ever dreamed”?


If you’re really having a problem with change, think to yourself could it be:

-Why are you truly afraid?

-What harm can really come from going out there and doing your best?

-Are you really afraid of the success?

-Could it be that what you’ve always wanted might not be your real destiny in life?

Fear of change is really fear of the unknown. Take it from me its not something you want to live the rest of your life with. Its so much out there that the world has to offer. You can’t possibly live to your full potential afraid of something that could be the best thing that ever happened to you. Carpe Diem (Cease the Day).



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