So why do we feel like we have to settle? I was going to write about why women settle in relationships but I realized we as a people settle all the time. In love,at our jobs and our friendships. Why do we feel like we don’t deserve the best? Let’s explore this.

In relationships we settle for comfort-ability. We settle for just knowing that someone is there and not caring if they are any good for us or not. We overlook red flags and clear signs that something isn’t right. We ignore advice and help from others. Sometimes knowing that we’re settling and not even caring just to keep from being alone.

With jobs we settle because we just want to make a dollar. All money isn’t good money, we have to remember that. There are times when you need to think about your integrity more than money think about it,is the job worth the stress that you go through on a  normal day-to-day basis? There’s no point making good money if you’re too tired and worn out to even enjoy it. Most of these companies do not care about your mental stability so you need to know your worth without the promise of money.

As far as friendships go ,basically if they’re not there for you like you are there for them then they shouldn’t be there period. I’m a firm believer in communication,love and respect in friendships. In all relationships it is give and take, make sure you are not only dealing with takers. So to sum this up, YOUR GREAT AND YOU DESERVE GREAT IN WHATEVER YOU DO!!


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