So this is going to be a good one. So question for my ladies? If your dominant in your everyday life ,do you want a dominant partner in the bedroom? I’m starting to hear more and more women say this. So I want to know is it true ? They’re becoming more and more powerful women day by day and honestly I don’t see it ending anytime soon. Also is this an issue for men or not? As usual, let’s talk about it.

There’s so many women who are dominant in their day-to-day lives. Like at the job, with their families and also just doing normal daily tasks. Some women actually love being in charge because for some time we couldn’t. We are certainly a far cry from the 1950s image of the fearful damsel-in-distress. We are the modern women of the millennium. We are unapologetic, ambitious, fearlessly driven, creatively thinking, vehemently hard-working and awesomely outspoken women. We are so much more vocal about the things we want in life and what we want from our partners. If your not, GET ON IT!

For instance, one of the most powerful ways a women can show her power is to feel confident in her sexual desires, regardless of how “weird” or “wrong” those fantasies are deemed by society. So with that being said I would think she would need a equally or more powerful man to give her what she needs. Is it just me? Now I’m not saying we just sit back and “enjoy the ride”. I’m saying let’s find some balance. If I was to be dominant in my work and family life, then also be that way in my love life I mean really I might as well do this alone.  Or is that to harsh?


I know this topic is a little taboo but its real life and I really wanna know how y’all feel. So leave me comments below and let’s get talking.



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