Chocolate skin
Smoothe like velvet
I can tell it
Comes as a suprise
Mesmerizing and tantalizing
My eyes can no longer look away
The way you glisen in the sun
Among the sun rays
I praise the queen
You’ve become
Its become about color so fast
Not so fast
My caramel to white
Just might be as great
Just wait
And open your closed mind
To the different kinds of queens
That walk this earth
You curse one more than the other
Mother earth
Has given us variety
Society has made us believe
One is superior
Just hear her
The love she gives
With her words and curves
Don’t get me started
Whole hearted….we need to embrace them all
They all have fallen victim to stereotypes
The type that hinder you
Tell you
You don’t matter
Master your mind
Manipulate and infiltrate
Whats already BEAUTIFUL! 




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