Ladies and gentleman.There’s been a long standing debate on whether social media really does effect relationships. Some say it can based on facts such as social media giving you the option to search for people,direct messaging and just some content alone that can cause issues. Now others say it doesn’t. Its the people in the relationship that are the issue. Some say “if it was a conflict in the relationship already,social media had nothing to do with it.” I say it’s a bit of both. And here’s why.

I do agree that social media has a part in the issues with some relationships. But only as the source used. The person using this source is the bigger culprit. You can’t have a issue with rude or inappropriate messages,pictures or posts and blame the source. It didn’t put it up there on it’s own. So to be upset or against social media because “it ruins relationships” is bull. Your issue is with the person using social media as their diary or personal venting session about your personal relationship troubles.

This just proves more and more how times have changed. People don’t talk anymore. They just hide away in their mind and tell themselves and their partner that nothings wrong. But as soon as Facebook, twitter,snapchat etc opens up it’s like the flood gates open up. You can definitely have a healthy relationship and be apart of social media. Communicate with you significant other and find out your comfort levels with what you do and don’t discuss. Common rules to this social media/relationships battle is:


Rule #1: Avoid the premature relationship-status change. The worst thing is becoming “Facebook official” before you’re actually official. “You need to have that conversation before you change it”

Rule: #2: Stop mindlessly browsing. Studies have shown logging more time on Facebook was linked with more conflict. So it’s smart to limit your daily posting, especially if you’re often sneaking a peak at your newsfeed while you’re together.

Rule #4: Friend exes with caution.One of the riskiest features of Facebook is that it makes it super easy to communicate with an ex. Which is why the common debate—can exes stay friends?—is only amplified online.

Rule #5: Brag a little bit. Don’t worry: Not all social media habits are relationship kryptonite. In fact, couples who regularly post profile pictures with their partners and share things about their relationship online are also more likely to feel happier about their bonds.

As usual I would love to know your view on the topic so comment below.


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