Fat Shame On You..


So when did it become ok to be rude to people based on the way they look? When did it become ok to judge  people based on their size? Do people show respect anymore?

The disrespectful things we the pleasantly plump ladies and gents hear on a regular basis is crazy. The rude comments and nasty looks can be unbearable sometimes. It really takes a person with thick skin to wear their weight and wear it proud. We all don’t want go be stick thin. I love my people big and small,but that’s not the mindset of everyone. They assume we’re all nasty lazy species who want nothing but to shove food down own throats.

Discrimination against heavier people is well documented and, sadly, rising: a full 66 percent in the past decade, according to studies. But could this kind of bias extend to people of all sizes? And are people looking at your body and making assumptions about your life and the way you live?

People mostly assume people who are fat to be unhealthy, to eat too much or to be unfit. This isn’t always true. So many things can come into play as in genes or medicines. People assuming consumption of bad foods as the reason for someone to be overweight is ridiculous.

Also if an larger person deemed a healthy weight decides to start exercising to get fit, no one judges them on looks, level of unfitness or what they eat. When an unfit person deemed to be overweight decides to start exercising, they face our culture’s weight stigma. They will be judged for their size and many people will assume they are fat because they haven’t exercised before and/or they eat too much. Remember, the thinner person does not receive this same judgment even though they may have never exercised and eats horribly . This judgement alone can be enough to prevent people from participating in exercise.

We as a people need to be conscious of the things we say to our brothers and sisters of all sizes. Love one another and let people live their lives the way they want.



3 thoughts on “Fat Shame On You..”

  1. And what does it matter if they’re unhealthy or not? I’m tired of that argument, too. Skinny people distinguish themselves from average and fat people. Average people distinguish themselves from fat people. And fat healthy people have to distinguish themselves from fat unhealthy people. Everyone is set on “othering” someone. Why?

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