The Best Of The Worst



Choices to be made
Paid politician
Promising a life
Equality and love
Shove that crap up
Someone else’s pipe
Pipe down with all
The lies and gimmicks you tell
To hell with your descriptive infomercials
To sell your soul for a dollar
They holler “choose the lesser of 2 evils”
Inconspicuous at the polls
Trying to hide
The embarrassment of
Choosing a leader
With a brain meter that reads
Rich and Richer
I can picture then now explaining
Why nothing they promised had truth anymore
Just sore asses from sitting
And doing nothing
But rustle up papers
With bills and decisions
Incisions deeper and deeper
Just leave her alone
This great country of ours
Hours and hours
Of rehabilitation is about to go
Down the drain
And some of you
Just can’t get that through your brain


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