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Stand Up


Hearing the sounds
Of crying mothers
As you smother our sons
With your hand of injustice
Its just “us”
In these streets
It then repeats
Rapid gun shots
Of glocks and automatics
Its systematic
How problematic
These times are
Raise the bar of
Education and responsibility
Have the ability to
Want better and do better
The letter of the law wasn’t addressed to us
In GOD we trust
We must no longer slain
Our fellow man
Then demand “the MAN” to respect us
And accept us
When no one kills their own
Except US
Of course that’s an exaggeration
But you get my point
This joint effort of unity
Is what we need
Plant the seed
Of acting and taking a stand
Rise out the sinking sad
Begin the resurrection of LIFE


Written by Jane


Just A Conversation


Can we talk?

This is just a conversation. It won’t be long winded and drawn out. It will be me having a conversation with my readers. I hope you’ll join in. In recent events I have heard and seen some of the most nastiest things ever. Now first let me say this, this isn’t about religion, beliefs or your “right/wrong”. This is about a day and time where NO LIVES MATTER. Black,white,yellow, blue or green. There has been so much death surrounding our neighborhoods, it’s actually causing fear in people. They are scared to leave their homes. There are 2 points I want to make and then I’m done. First of all,no one will ever respect or care about our lives as African Americans until we do. Yelling black lives matters in the streets mean NOTHING if we’re killing each other in the same streets. Period. Secondly the horrifying events that have transpired this week have me in the saddest mood. We as humanity have just made something so precious as life seem so meaningless. ALL LIFE MATTERS. The negativity that has been spewed all over social media has made me despise mankind. Agreeing with one another does not make this world work. Understanding differences and working together to make this world we all share just a little more peaceful day by day does. Love is powerful and it takes a strong person to live life in love. Hate and judgment is for the weak. All I ask is that we pray and work just a little harder towards better days. Some may agree or some may not. That’s OK because its just a conversation.