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modelswantedThickly Tat’d is looking for Models to be featured in the December posting. If your are a plus size models with Tattoos and would like this opportunity, please submit 1 head shot and 1 body shot professional or high quality photo to Thicklytatd.com in the subject field put Thickly Tat’d Modeling.  Please add your name, age and a brief description on why your happy in the skin your in and what helped get you to that point. 

Submissions will be viewed and 5 people will be chosen by November 30, 2016.


Good luck


Thickly Tat’d Team



Unsure Love: My Poetry


So many times
Time has given
Us a moment
Where time stands still
And still….nothing

Its something I cant
Let go of
Unsure love
Make sure of
My feelings
Before spewing doubt
Cause I could do without

Hesitation in my words
Because they’re never heard
Just laughs and jokes
Pokes of fun at feelings
My dealings with you
Have changed and rearranged
Into simple hi and byes
Because what I’ve realized
Hurt quite a bit

But it’s ok
It’s my fault anyway
So I sit and sway in my thoughts
In my moments of solidarity
The only way to have clarity
Is to hide you in my poetry



It’s A Conversation: In-Laws


So this for my married folks or my readers in serious relationships. Do you think in the event that your in-laws step out of line, that you or your spouse should take the step to address the issue?

Speaking of addressing issues. What are the topics that you would think you would have the biggest issue with? Maybe suggestions on raising children or advice on running your marriage? Some couples never experience issues with in-laws, but more times then not there are ones who do. In my opinion, there is more issues with mothers and their new found daughters. Also I notice more friction with single mothers. Not saying it can’t be the other way around but its just  something i have  noticed. Its totally understandable,  you have to now put the well being of your son in someone else’s hands for the remainder of his life.

Men are also very territorial over their”little girls”. When they give their baby away to their future husband, they need to be assured of security. But can parents cross the line? I have a few ways to keep the peace between you, your partner and the in-laws.


1. Starting with the main topic of this. Who corrects the situation when one arises? You both do. Communicate with your spouse and you both need to decide first, is it a real issue? If it is you go to them calmly and respectfully and talk it out.

2. Speaking of communication, always communicate with your spouse first. Never go behind their back. Your a team and that’s how you deal with things.

3. Talk about boundaries and stick with them. Once you communicate your problem and come up with a resolution. Come up with a way that it doesn’t rear it’s ugly head again..

You and your spouse are more powerful than you think. You’re adults; you’re a family unit. You can control visits, holiday celebrations, and access to grandchildren. Don’t assume that you’re powerless. No one can push you around if you don’t let them.

Leave your comments below so we can discuss.




Chocolate skin
Smoothe like velvet
I can tell it
Comes as a suprise
Mesmerizing and tantalizing
My eyes can no longer look away
The way you glisen in the sun
Among the sun rays
I praise the queen
You’ve become
Its become about color so fast
Not so fast
My caramel to white
Just might be as great
Just wait
And open your closed mind
To the different kinds of queens
That walk this earth
You curse one more than the other
Mother earth
Has given us variety
Society has made us believe
One is superior
Just hear her
The love she gives
With her words and curves
Don’t get me started
Whole hearted….we need to embrace them all
They all have fallen victim to stereotypes
The type that hinder you
Tell you
You don’t matter
Master your mind
Manipulate and infiltrate
Whats already BEAUTIFUL! 





So why do we feel like we have to settle? I was going to write about why women settle in relationships but I realized we as a people settle all the time. In love,at our jobs and our friendships. Why do we feel like we don’t deserve the best? Let’s explore this.

In relationships we settle for comfort-ability. We settle for just knowing that someone is there and not caring if they are any good for us or not. We overlook red flags and clear signs that something isn’t right. We ignore advice and help from others. Sometimes knowing that we’re settling and not even caring just to keep from being alone.

With jobs we settle because we just want to make a dollar. All money isn’t good money, we have to remember that. There are times when you need to think about your integrity more than money think about it,is the job worth the stress that you go through on a  normal day-to-day basis? There’s no point making good money if you’re too tired and worn out to even enjoy it. Most of these companies do not care about your mental stability so you need to know your worth without the promise of money.

As far as friendships go ,basically if they’re not there for you like you are there for them then they shouldn’t be there period. I’m a firm believer in communication,love and respect in friendships. In all relationships it is give and take, make sure you are not only dealing with takers. So to sum this up, YOUR GREAT AND YOU DESERVE GREAT IN WHATEVER YOU DO!!

Love Of The Ink.


The nerves

The excitement

Its enticing stepping through that door

No more indecisiveness

Its now or never

Mixed thoughts

Of where to start

Small and cute

Maybe something to salute

My fellow man


To serious …maybe a series

Of symbols to tell a tale

Maybe the scales of justice

To show the fight against the swine

Ha…Yea maybe another time

I got it!

Now I lay back and feel the vibrations and sensations of permanent expression flowing through my blood line

Because there will come a time

Where you will have to explain the meaning of this decision

The precision of lines and shapes

Escapes the needles point and

At some point turns you into one of them

Who is them you ask?

The last of the pure ones they say

A bunch of he say she say

But what do you say?

What do you think?

Don’t let their closed mind

Hinder the creative mind

And shrivel and shrink

But that’s just my love for the ink

I think….

Art is what you make of it

A message for you to decode

And unload into the world

Not for their understanding

Or to be demanding

But  just to be recognized

And NEVER become extinct

Its just my love for the ink ✒


“If your going to be tat’d, you might as well be Thickly Tat’d”

~Big Tigger




Have you ever wondered if the people you surround your self with are for you? Some of us have had life long connections and base it solely on longevity instead of quality. You may not even know your doing it because you see it as LOYALTY! Loyalty, lets discuss that. Loyalty is a strong feeling of support. Support of your significant other, family and friends. The feeling that no matter what they have your back and best interest at heart. Now in your relationships,can you say you have that with no doubt in your mind? Mmmm pretty deep huh? If you can’t then you might have a case of a toxic relationship/friendship. Most people can’t recognize a toxic relationship because of a number of things. It could be longevity, thinking a little drama is normal or lastly denial. Now every relationship has it’s moments but don’t confuse it with toxicity. Here are some ways to figure out if you have a toxic relationship /friendship:
•Does the person depend on you for everything and could care less about what you need?
•Do you sometimes dread their presence?
•Is it always drama whenever your together?
•Does your relationship jump from great to horrible with no in between?
•When there is an issue, is it always your fault?
•Last but not least. CAN YOU TRUST THEM?
If your having any of these issues then a conversation needs to be had immediately. Speaking from personal experience communication is EVERYTHING! Now don’t jump ship yet. If you can have the conversation and see changes then there’s hope. But if your trying to communicate your needs and it’s not being received, then leave that toxic mess right there and NEVER LOOK BACK!