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Stand Up


Hearing the sounds
Of crying mothers
As you smother our sons
With your hand of injustice
Its just “us”
In these streets
It then repeats
Rapid gun shots
Of glocks and automatics
Its systematic
How problematic
These times are
Raise the bar of
Education and responsibility
Have the ability to
Want better and do better
The letter of the law wasn’t addressed to us
In GOD we trust
We must no longer slain
Our fellow man
Then demand “the MAN” to respect us
And accept us
When no one kills their own
Except US
Of course that’s an exaggeration
But you get my point
This joint effort of unity
Is what we need
Plant the seed
Of acting and taking a stand
Rise out the sinking sad
Begin the resurrection of LIFE


Written by Jane




Now I try to answer all questions that are asked by viewers. This one by far is the most interesting but also controversial. I hope everyone can join the conversation and add some insight to what is about to be asked. The question asked to Thickly Tat’d WHAT’S HOT CHRONICLES IS:
“I have another question that I think a lot of us struggle with. If you’re a Christian, how do you handle one of the biggest controversies, supporting your lesbian and/or gay friends and family members while following God’s law. Let’s be honest. It’s okay to “crucify” liars, drunkards, fornicators, adulterers, murders, and people with other “ungodly” struggles, but people who express their feelings about the LGBT as it relates to religion are verbally stoned. Any thoughts?”

My honest opinion which I provided was that I love people for who they are, I have gay friends that i adore out of this world no matter what my religion. It is not my place to judge them or crucify them. They are people too and you just let people be who they are. At the end of the day, on judgment day THEY DO NOT STAND IN FRONT OF YOU TO BE JUDGED, THEY STAND IN FRONT OF HIM..

But that is just my opinion!
Join the conversation and add your opinions, its ok to have a voice and to feel however you feel.
If you want to be kept anonymous then send your comments to thicklytatd@gmail.com and I will post.
Thank you for the continuing support
Thickly Yours
Tamika Mys’Tique



When I was a young girl, I say middle school years, I was picked on by other children. They talked about my looks, my hair, my personality and anything else that they could think of. The way it made me feel was crazy. It caused anxiety and a lack of self-worth for years to come. What I realized over time is that people who constantly feel the need to belittle others are only trying to make themselves feel better. A lot of folks who were considered the “COOL KIDS” grew up to have multiple children at a young age, un-educated and BROKE and usually having emotional issues of their own.
Don’t get me wrong, I never wish anything bad on anyone but I am a believer of KARMA!
Now at the age of 30,Tamika Mystique promo I learned to love myself no matter what. I am much more confident and I am extremely responsible with taking care of me and my family.
With all that being said, I am sad to say that now as a GROWN WOMAN things have not changed. You now have grown woman bullying others to get there point across or to make others do what THEY WANT YOU TO DO………………. It’s a SAD SITUATION. Being 30 and plus size, everyday it’s something. But I am here to tell you, DO NOT allow another person to make you feel that you should feel bad or apologize for having your priorities in order, or for being plus size, looking different or having a different mindset then them. BE WHO YOU ARE AND WHO YOU ARE HAPPY TO BE. LOVE YOUR SELF IN ALL ASPECT AND KNOW THAT PEOPLE ARE MADE TO BE DIFFERENT AND THAT’S WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE. REMIND YOUSELF TO LOVE, EMPOWER AND TEACH OTHERS AND ALWAYS REMMBER TO HAVE YOUR OWN MIND…………
Thickly Tat’d wants to thank you for allowing us to share, If you have any comments or topics you want to discuss, send them in.
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Tamika Mys’Tique