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modelswantedThickly Tat’d is looking for Models to be featured in the December posting. If your are a plus size models with Tattoos and would like this opportunity, please submit 1 head shot and 1 body shot professional or high quality photo to Thicklytatd.com in the subject field put Thickly Tat’d Modeling.  Please add your name, age and a brief description on why your happy in the skin your in and what helped get you to that point. 

Submissions will be viewed and 5 people will be chosen by November 30, 2016.


Good luck


Thickly Tat’d Team



Fat Shame On You..


So when did it become ok to be rude to people based on the way they look? When did it become ok to judge  people based on their size? Do people show respect anymore?

The disrespectful things we the pleasantly plump ladies and gents hear on a regular basis is crazy. The rude comments and nasty looks can be unbearable sometimes. It really takes a person with thick skin to wear their weight and wear it proud. We all don’t want go be stick thin. I love my people big and small,but that’s not the mindset of everyone. They assume we’re all nasty lazy species who want nothing but to shove food down own throats.

Discrimination against heavier people is well documented and, sadly, rising: a full 66 percent in the past decade, according to studies. But could this kind of bias extend to people of all sizes? And are people looking at your body and making assumptions about your life and the way you live?

People mostly assume people who are fat to be unhealthy, to eat too much or to be unfit. This isn’t always true. So many things can come into play as in genes or medicines. People assuming consumption of bad foods as the reason for someone to be overweight is ridiculous.

Also if an larger person deemed a healthy weight decides to start exercising to get fit, no one judges them on looks, level of unfitness or what they eat. When an unfit person deemed to be overweight decides to start exercising, they face our culture’s weight stigma. They will be judged for their size and many people will assume they are fat because they haven’t exercised before and/or they eat too much. Remember, the thinner person does not receive this same judgment even though they may have never exercised and eats horribly . This judgement alone can be enough to prevent people from participating in exercise.

We as a people need to be conscious of the things we say to our brothers and sisters of all sizes. Love one another and let people live their lives the way they want.



A letter to the Male Ego, male ego When God blesses you, he blesses you with abundance, but one blessing I am truly grateful for is to be born a BLACK woman.  Throughout the centuries the black woman has been mistreated and mocked of her beauty. Setting us up on display for the Europeans to mimic our bodies with silhouettes and calling it “fashion;” only to then move on and become the white man’s slave of beatings and torture. Still, through the eras, we grow to love and cherish ourselves. We are taught from young to embrace and love the black man. The ideal Black Man is supposed to protect and provide for himself and his family; and as his woman we are to encourage him to prosper. We as woman stretch, contour, and work our bodies to perfect them to your liking. We lose ourselves in the changes we make for you, and still it seems you aren’t appreciative of what you have. While most of us find out the hard way that what we did was for nothing, not realizing the trials we faced, are only making us stronger for the future. From gaining and losing weight, childbirth, and life changes our bodies are constantly being molded. With each change, we learn to love a little bit more of who we are.  We place our black men on thrones of beings Kings, yet you treat us like rocks instead of the gems we are. More precious than diamonds and gold, we have a power and love that no man can resist or recreate. We Black Women have more than a body to lust over, the depths of our minds flow deeper than our history. male ego1 We stand together as a hope of our future. Mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts; we are black women. Generations of grace and beauty flourish through our veins to protect and take care of those places upon us.  The disrespect we receive, versus the appreciation we deserve holds some woman back from realizing their true potential. Men, understand the amount of pressure we are put under to protect you because you have lost value of yourself. Greater than what we set our minds to be as people, we as one can bring together a nation. Your pride is your drive; ambitions fuel your soul, stand up and appreciate what God has made you, a Black Man. With Love from a Black Woman, Mani Hendrixx


get naked 2 (1)                                        Hola Bellezas!
The most frequently asked question I get is how did I become so confident? It didn’t come overnight, I can tell you that. It’s easier than it seems to break out of that shell & arrive in your comfort zone. He doesn’t like those extra pounds? It’s okay! You fill out clothes faster, but dread buying a bigger size? That’s okay too!  When I was feeling bad about myself my grandmother would tell me I’m”Kawtaw Blass” which is Creole for “A little bit of everything!”  So when I tried on clothes, or found out I wasn’t well liked, I just reminded myself that everything isn’t for everybody.  Anyhow, this article isn’t about feeling good in clothes; it’s about getting naked and feeling good to YOU!

new post 1
Strip down to the bare nudes and take a look at yourself. Pretty huh?  Examine your curves, jiggle those thighs, and figure out where those stretch marks begin & end. THIS IS WHO YOU ARE!get naked 3

If you’ve never been a size 2, then it wasn’t meant for you.  I’ve never been under a size 12 coming into my body and once I stopped comparing myself to the girls in the magazines, I embraced who I was. Every morning when I wake up, I get naked and get into the mirror. If you don’t have time in the morning, when you get home from work, get naked and walk around.  Embody your thoughts; speak positively about yourself and love what God has made you, a beautifully bodied queen.
There is no reason you should feel defeated by society or even yourself.  Don’t beat yourself up because your thighs rub together, or you have a roll or two more. That is you. Respect your curves boo! Put those hips in a mirror and watch them swirl! Put a pounce in your walk and make them look! As long as you’re healthy and happy nobody can steer you away from your confidence.
“It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures.”    -Oprah Winfrey

Welcome..///.. Thickly Tat’d

I need ya’ll to welcome the newest member to the Thickly Tat’d Team Ms. Jaque

She is a T&T Lady and Model. We always love when we find the perfect match for our team.

We welcome you with open arms….. you have now been #ThicklyTatdApproved


What’s Hot Chronicles

Ya’ll know we are coming back to ya’ll with the HOT TOPICS that everyone can relate to. On this episode of many we are talking about the most controversial subject from a woman’s point of view and a mans. Relationships, from marriage to being single, side pieces, mistresses and the new young word “Thots” WE HOPE YOU ENJOY, REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE AND LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS AND TOPIC IDEAS FOR THE THICKLY TAT’D TEAM. CHECK IT OUT….././.


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