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Let’s Have A Conversation: 90’s Music


Is it me , or has music changed drastically in the past 10-15 yeas? I mean don’t get me wrong ,there were some hits here and there, but the consistency was nothing like the 90’s. Me and my friends talk about this all the time. We’re all in our late twenties early thirties and still listen to music of our generation. I just feel like nothing was more real or influential than the music of the 90s. It had a message whether it was hip-hop or R&B. It was about the music it wasn’t just about a nice beat. Music is about the words and how they make you feel as well as the rhythm and how it makes you feel. Honestly if I want to just hear a  beat I’ll just buy a instrumental. Crazy thing is I’ve heard this so much in the past couple years from people that i know to complete strangers just venting about the quality of music that’s being put out. People don’t even listen to the radio anymore because they play the same music over and over for 4 hours or more. Back then we had crooners, guy groups and female trios. They sung about love and respect. Music was about the ups and downs of relationships and love from both sides. Men weren’t afraid to say that they were hurt,  broken up with or got cheated on. It was sexual innuendos and sensual lines that we didn’t even know where naughty. Nowadays it’s just out there, no guessing or suggestions just flat-out derogatory lyrics that many don’t find appealing.I don’t know about anybody else but I love mystery in my music. Maybe something that gives me hope and lessons in love and life. Now of course this is my personal opinion but “let’s just have a conversation.”

What do you all think about today’s music Vs. the 90’s






Missing our
Kings and queens
The screams
For an encore
The more I
Think about it
It saddens me
Madly in love
With the sound
Of your voice
Of course it
Breaks my heart
To know
The show you
Put on would
Be your last
At last your at peace
At least no one can
Hurt you
Insert you
With negativity and pain
The insane amount
Of mourning
Is unbearable
A wearable sleeve
Of anguish and lost
The cost of it all
Was it worth it?
Curse it
But I can’t
I rant and rave
And save every bit
Of what’s left
You kept us
Whole and hopeful
Hopefully we did
The same for you
The angels came
For you
So we’ll
Let you go
But know
Your life’s a lesson
Music on session
Sounds like my kind of heaven


Music & Me

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With the rhythm and rhymes
Fusing the rise
Of adrenaline and excitement
The enticement of notes and chords
Cuts deep like swords
Words they flow as rivers
Gives shivers
Through your core
Sore hearts feel pain
That no one else knows
Its a technique the soul seeks
For peace of mind
And find serenity
Infinity of words to buy time
“I’m fine” is what I tell me
But if you know me
You hear pain in my words
Torture in my verbs
I’ve burned the vision in my mind
Of sleepless nights ands tears
My fears coming to life in my day to day struggles
No statements rebuttals
Cause it’s true
If not for me
Then someone else
Music saved my life
Gave me love for self

Whats a song that brings you to a better place?

YES, VIDEO TEASER OF NICKI MINAJ & Beyoncé “Feeling Myself”

Here is a sneak peak from Tidal of the “Feeling Myself” video from Nicki Minaj & Beyoncé. Tidal released the video a few days ago and I have to say I’m feeling it. Enjoy the teaser below and let us know your thoughts on this video. Leave your comments or email them to thicklytatd@gmail.com


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Angie Stone: Mother & Daughter Brawl………CLEAN YOUR ROOM

angieanOK, now i have heard of getting a whooping from your parents but getting your teeth knocked out is a whole other ball game. Allegedly on March 10, 2015 Angie Stone was arrested for Domestic aggravated assault on her daughter Diamond Stone. Its alleged in police reports that Angie came home and demanded for diamond to clean up after and control her children which set off a argument and fight between the two.

angie best

Diamond was released and not charged in this matter. angie

Hopefully we will know more about the situation.

In the meantime, what is your take on parents and children having a all out brawl? Have you ever had a fight with your parent/ or child? How did that turn out for you?