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modelswantedThickly Tat’d is looking for Models to be featured in the December posting. If your are a plus size models with Tattoos and would like this opportunity, please submit 1 head shot and 1 body shot professional or high quality photo to Thicklytatd.com in the subject field put Thickly Tat’d Modeling.  Please add your name, age and a brief description on why your happy in the skin your in and what helped get you to that point. 

Submissions will be viewed and 5 people will be chosen by November 30, 2016.


Good luck


Thickly Tat’d Team



Let’s Have A Conversation: 90’s Music


Is it me , or has music changed drastically in the past 10-15 yeas? I mean don’t get me wrong ,there were some hits here and there, but the consistency was nothing like the 90’s. Me and my friends talk about this all the time. We’re all in our late twenties early thirties and still listen to music of our generation. I just feel like nothing was more real or influential than the music of the 90s. It had a message whether it was hip-hop or R&B. It was about the music it wasn’t just about a nice beat. Music is about the words and how they make you feel as well as the rhythm and how it makes you feel. Honestly if I want to just hear a  beat I’ll just buy a instrumental. Crazy thing is I’ve heard this so much in the past couple years from people that i know to complete strangers just venting about the quality of music that’s being put out. People don’t even listen to the radio anymore because they play the same music over and over for 4 hours or more. Back then we had crooners, guy groups and female trios. They sung about love and respect. Music was about the ups and downs of relationships and love from both sides. Men weren’t afraid to say that they were hurt,  broken up with or got cheated on. It was sexual innuendos and sensual lines that we didn’t even know where naughty. Nowadays it’s just out there, no guessing or suggestions just flat-out derogatory lyrics that many don’t find appealing.I don’t know about anybody else but I love mystery in my music. Maybe something that gives me hope and lessons in love and life. Now of course this is my personal opinion but “let’s just have a conversation.”

What do you all think about today’s music Vs. the 90’s



Love Of The Ink.


The nerves

The excitement

Its enticing stepping through that door

No more indecisiveness

Its now or never

Mixed thoughts

Of where to start

Small and cute

Maybe something to salute

My fellow man


To serious …maybe a series

Of symbols to tell a tale

Maybe the scales of justice

To show the fight against the swine

Ha…Yea maybe another time

I got it!

Now I lay back and feel the vibrations and sensations of permanent expression flowing through my blood line

Because there will come a time

Where you will have to explain the meaning of this decision

The precision of lines and shapes

Escapes the needles point and

At some point turns you into one of them

Who is them you ask?

The last of the pure ones they say

A bunch of he say she say

But what do you say?

What do you think?

Don’t let their closed mind

Hinder the creative mind

And shrivel and shrink

But that’s just my love for the ink

I think….

Art is what you make of it

A message for you to decode

And unload into the world

Not for their understanding

Or to be demanding

But  just to be recognized

And NEVER become extinct

Its just my love for the ink ✒


“If your going to be tat’d, you might as well be Thickly Tat’d”

~Big Tigger


DNA Ink: Andrew Barrath

                                                     ANDREW BARRATH


Andrew Barrath is a Tattoo Artist  from DNA Ink. A 29 years old who was born in Trinidad and Tobago and moved to New York at the age of 19.

Andrew has always been fascinated with tattoos and art. He received his first tattoo at 15 and hasn’t stopped since. For 4 years now he has been a professional in this tattoo world.  Andrew and those around him consider him to be a well rounded artist with his favorite and expertise being realism and bio mechanical of tattoos and lets not forgot portraits.

As a tattoo artist Andrew takes part in conventions and tattoo events all through out the country.

Check out some of his work here on Thicklytatd.com

Interested in making an appointment or seeing his portfolio? The best way to accomplish that is to hit him up by email or instagram

dna_ink@hotmail.com or  dna_ink

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According to ABC New 7 on May 17, 2015 a queens born rapper Lionel Pickens aka Chinx Drugz was gunned down in a apparent drive by in Briarwood. Chinx just finished his performance at a Brooklyn Night Club, left with another gentleman headed for a bar.  Per the police at 4:04 am another car pulled up beside chinxs vehicle and started shooting hitting him at least 8 times.  Pickens was able to still drive his Porsche but crashed into another vehicle.

A witness stated “When he fell on the ground, he just laid there, he was motionless – he didn’t move, he didn’t scream,”

An investigation into this shooting is in progress

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In a statement, the Legion Media Group said:

“It is with a heavy heart that The Legion Media Group and 4 Kings Management announce the passing of Lionel Pickens this morning. He was 31. Few details are available about his passing but his management confirmed his passing this morning. The rapper from Queens, New York was a member of French Montana’s Coke Boys. (Pickens’) dedication, humor and vision will always be remembered “(Pickens) was one of the most talented, professional, and determined rappers this industry had to offer,” said Publicist Chanel Rae, “Further more, he was a friend.”

Thickly Tat’d Extends our condolences to his family.



With the rise of Tattoo Shop Black Ink in New York and its reality show, it also brings news and stories. Here we have 30 year old Asabi Barner who alleges a cover up she received at the shop was a BAD experience.


According to In an interview with PIX11 Asabi Barner had a Unicorn & horseshoe that she received at age 18 covered up by Black Ink. At first it was the best tattoo. The next day that wasn’t the case, Barner experienced oozing puss from the chest piece. The tattoo became raised and produced keloids as well as burning and itching. She has to use an ice pack to receive any kind of relief. Barner consulted with a plastic surgeon, only to discover that would only make matters worse by producing worse scars. When talking with another tattoo shop she was advised that her skin had been “overworked” by the artist.  Its been a little over a year and she is still experiencing pain in her chest area. She is now suing Black Ink for Negligence, reckless & careless behavior.

Barner says “In the intimate moments it creates a problem because you don’t have that confidence. I wasn’t overly confident before, but I felt good about myself. Felt good about my body, but it just changes you,” said Barner

We don’t know where this will take Black Ink or if Barner will win her case but Thickly Tat’d will keep you up to date as information is received.

Do you have a tattoo nightmare you want to share? Send to thicklytatd@gmail.com

Thickly Yours,



You know Thickly Tat’d Magazine always brings you the hottest in Independent Music Artist. Next up coming is the talented Hip Hop Artist Sondro Castro.



Sondro Castro born November 28, 1972 in New York City. Raised in Spanish Harlem, Sondro became a student of hip-hop at a very early age. Music and crime surrounded a young man at the most pivotal timein his life. He embraced both with a passion and grew in skills on themic and the block. Years have passed and Sondro’s accomplishmentshave grown. Known from New York to Boston as Thuggy Dixwell,General Dix, Sondro and King Shab, he started the Eyenside movement. A pivotal member of so many groups – Gangstarr Posse, Posse Nfx and Special Teamz, he has blessed countless albums and mix tapes likeKrumbsnatchin Season, Snow goons, Jaysaun, the Kreators, XL, SpecialTeamz , and Black DNA with his remarkable and ever changing styles.Fluent in both Spanish and English the Honduran soldier raps and sings in both languages with ease and a unique and original style. Sondro now spends his time traveling back and forth from Boston to New York recording and releasing mix tapes independently and has sold over 5 thousand units hand to hand. Now poised to take control with a new team, this full time hustler has a new product for you to cop. Eyenside has released From the Apple to the Bean, Project 114, 2010

Debo, Debo’s Revenge, Ashy Nuxx ft Sondro, Broken Dreams, Black Blood and also Men of Honor. Just listen and hear a master at work, unrestricted by the laws of pop culture.

Sondro Castro,” Eyenside movement, talk is cheap; the proof is in his music. (Complete Interview COMING SOON….)

From Castro new Album: MISTA CASTRO IS BACK